Thursday, January 26, 2012

Alright Kids

7 weeks until D day- that's D as in departure. My passport is here, my paperwork is in, my plane tickets are handled, surgery over (hallelujah) and all that's left is a few vaccines. Knowing me, the next time you'll be hearing from me is whilst in the airport, waiting and waiting. My layover is in Holland, just FYI. Now is the time I need to start reading Nepalese newspapers to keep up with the political climate, yadayadayada. I'm not yet worried because it still doesn't seem even remotely real. What DOES seem real is my TEAS coming up February 2nd (please send some good juju). A REAL update soon- something profound and moving. I'm just having a bit of writers block. I don't have any more Gareth pictures so here's an oldie of me. It doesn't have a deep figurative meaning, it was just on my desktop. I'll get better at this guys- bear with me.

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  1. Writer's block can only be overcome by writing. Write anything - it doesn't matter. Witness my blog. A lot of the time I sit down to write with absolutely no idea of what I want to say. Some of the best posts start that way.

    I'm so excited for you! This is some kind of adventure you're about to embark on!