Friday, January 27, 2012

Squared Away

So that's it. Paperwork has been received by the foundation and I've been given the green light. Check out these videos to get a taste of what the future holds.
As for my flight details, I'll be getting into Kathmandu in the morning and catching a taxi to meet my coordinator, Macartan. I just have to say that the Umbrella foundation has been extremely helpful through this process- I have high hopes for my stay there. It has been stressed to negotiate the price of my taxi which I am thrilled to try my hand at. I feel after 20 years of strutting through the hood, I can handle a pushy Nepalese driver right? ...right? I'll add more details when I have more information- I'm currently wikipedia-ing a lot of what was in my confirmation email (Kimdole Chowk, Swayambhu is the ...airport? I guess) Thanks for following, the good times are on their way in....less than 7 weeks. Cue ominous music

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