Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Goodness me

Four weeks from thursday. One month from tomorrow. Today I spent my evening chatting (thank you Mark Zuckerburg) with a former Umbrella volunteer. A very sweet irish girl I reached out to when I first discovered Umbrella. Today I got to ask her all of the burning questions.
But first, I have a confession.
I have not slept in a week. I have been so terrified. The most I can tell you about Nepal is WHERE it is. I've officially been in freak out mode.
Tonight, after talking to Judy, I feel like a major weight has been lifted. She is one of those European badasses you secretly model yourself after. The kind that travels all around in their 20s and makes ordinary people like myself feel so...stagnant. Anyway, I bombarded her with WHAT ARE THE CHILDREN LIKE, WERE YOU EVER AFRAID? WHAT'S THE STAFF LIKE? WHERE DO YOU LIVE? WHAT SHOULD I PACK? IS THERE ANYWAY YOU CAN HOLD MY HAND AND TAKE ME THERE?
In conclusion the answer was this.
Breathe, it's going to knock your freaking socks off. The kids are amazing but be aware of what they've seen and been through. Be consistant. Be smart. She says she never felt unsafe. She said I'm going to be okay.
And I believe her.
Also, a side note. I have a weakness for Irish accents and ---what's that? A lot of Umbrella volunteers (well, it is an irish organization) are irish. Oh heavens. What's a girl to do?
I digress- let me remind everyone (including myself) that I'm not going over seas to meet selfless bronzed rugby playing soft hearted beautiful Irish gentlemen...what was I talking about? OH right. I'm going to love these kids every second. I'm going to do everything I can to share my gifts with them. To learn, to see, and to live. 29 days folks, 29 days. Vaccines tomorrow perhaps. (sarcastic "yay")

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  1. So excited for you! Don't be afraid. Once you get the traveling thing figured out, you may discover that getting there is half the fun! Ask for help when you need it, but I'm pretty sure you can manage on your own - you're a pretty smart cookie when you let go of your fear.