Tuesday, February 28, 2012

16 days

Does anyone else read that last title as "Goddess me"? So I'm officially vaccinated and honestly- it was a good experience. Another confession, needles freak me out a little. I'm not going to cry, I'm not going to faint, but I will always opt. for 10 days worth of meds rather than a quick injection. It's very silly but whatever. So I went into the health department ready to leave with a sore arm or arse, but instead I discovered 2 things. #1, I actually already had MOST of the vaccines that I need (thanks ma) and #2 the oral vaccine is about 40 dollars cheaper, lasts 3 years longer and um- hello, it's a teeny pill. Well, it is 4 teeny pills but still. SO that was a very long story about nothing of purpose but I am SO bad about posting I feel the need to publicize even the trivial and irrelevant just to say SOMETHING to me...3 loyal readers.
Yesterday I found out I got the RA job at GHP. I don't think I've been very clear about how much I desperately NEEDED this job. It covers room and board- two things I won't be able to afford when I come home, and it's an amazing job. Also, Taylor Sapp my fabulous wonderful beautiful friend is going to- basically, these youths will never know what hit em'. Another perk of getting this job is that I can now set dates to my trip.
Nepal March 15-June 3
India June 3-15
Macon June 16-21
VSU June 21-July 21
Reflecting yesterday I realized how rough the last month and a half has been. I have been going so unbelievably stir crazy not being in school nor in a show or even working very many hours. Honestly- I prefer to be overwhelmed rather than underwhelmed. I can feel myself slowly going crazy as the days tick by soooo slowly.....now cross your eyes and drool.
However, as for waiting, this is pretty much the last bit of waiting I will be doing for a long time. In 16 days I will literally be on the run for months! Until July 21, and then I need to find housing and employment. Hopefully I will be accepted into nursing school (if not, I will come up with some elaborate lie about needing more time to find myself) and that will start about 2 and 1/2 weeks after I get home from GHP, so really, this is the most downtime I will have until further notice. I've been told to relish the peace but alas I am an Aries. That just won't happen.

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  1. As a fellow Aries, I can relate - I have a hard time doing nothing. That might be why I have so many hobbies! 16 days will fly by... the closer it gets at this point, the faster it will go because suddenly, you'll have all kinds of things you need to do before you leave.

    Don't like needles? I don't care for them either but I'd rather see them go in than be surprised. I'm a big flincher and when you're dealing with needles, that can be messy. And painful.

    It sounds like your life is about to get very exciting! I hope you'll continue blogging once you get there. Just carve out a couple of minutes before you collapse on your bed for the night. These are days you'll want to remember - even the boring ones (because there will be some, I guarantee it). Will you have an address or is email/FB/your blog the best way to stay in touch?

    I'm so thrilled for your adventure! If I were your age and unencumbered, I'd love to do something like that.