Monday, March 5, 2012

These posts are dull and poorly written

So now that everything has been taken care of, I can explain what’s been going on the past few days. First of all, I would like to take this time to thank my friends for throwing me an awesome going away party/21st birthday party. I had a wonderful time (from what I remember).

Okay, made contact with the flight attendant (Lisa) who is providing my buddy pass (bless her). She says that March 15 looks great and I should have no trouble getting a flight. Perfect. Exactly what I wanted to hear. BUT there is a slight change in plans. Delta isn’t flying into New Delhi, they’re flying into Mumbai. Well, it’s all India right? Not that big of a deal. Here is the trouble- Mumbai and ND are on opposite sides of the country and there’s about a 17 hour train ride in between or a short flight if you’re fancy. I have a flight from New Delhi to Kathmandu the morning of March 19th. I now have to get from Mumbai to New Delhi. This isn’t a big deal. BUT I have just learned that in oder to move around within India, I need a VISA. That’s not really that big of a deal either. I need a visa for Nepal, but Nepal (because they are gracious and like making my life easy) requires you to fill out a one page form, pay a fee and then they give you a visa- all of this takes place in the airport. India on the other hand (because they’re jerks) requires you to acquire a visa before hand. IT takes a few days to process. It takes a little money. Did you know how expensive overnight shipping both ways can be? I’m only sending it to Houston to get processed! That’s right folks, Atlanta doesn’t have an office to process visas. Weird. You’d think with the country’s largest airport (or is it the world’s?) they’d have all sorts of travel related places nearby. Not so. I digress. Long and boring story now that I look at it. ANYWAY, that was a minor hiccup in the plan- my visa should arrive the day before I leave. Cutting it close but then again, who did you think you were talking to?

PS- did you know you had to mail your passport off to get a visa? This is why it’s great to plan ahead. I plan to be in India for a few weeks and I would’ve had to apply for a visa whilst in Nepal- I would’ve had to mail my passport, part with my passport, while in Nepal. Now, why does that sound like a bad idea? Blessings in disguise I guess.

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