Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Return of WendyBird

I arrived on a Sunday, which means it’s a day off for the volunteers. The house has about  13 volunteers at the moment- a far cry from the meager 5 I am used to working with. I must say, I prefer having more people, or maybe I just prefer having more people like this. All charming, intelligent, good-looking go-getters- but what would you expect? They've given their time to a worthy cause-  they face the bugs, monkeys and shower-less days of Nepal smiling. The salt of the earth. I love every one of them.
Though it was the day off, I couldn't help myself. I was dying to see the boys. I put my things down and within an hour was waiting on their porch for them to get home from school. Like a puppy, with each noise I heard I would go running to the gate with the hopes that the boys were home to play.
After a half an hour of waiting they arrived. In groups of 2 or 3 they came so I got to re-enact my “I’m SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH” reaction over and over.  They all remembered me. Called me by name. Matched my enthusiasm. God, I could relive that moment for the rest of my life.
After the initial SHE’S BACK! Things settled down surprisingly quickly. It felt more like I’d been away for a long weekend rather than an entire year. We simply picked up where we left off- with a guitar, a soccer ball and a lot of teasing. Exactly how things are meant to be.
When I left I had 33 boys. Since then, 6 of them have gone off to their advanced schooling and one has been reintegrated so I am down to 26. It’s still the same gang for the most part but I miss those who aren't around.
As for things that have changed- voices definitely. Heights. Complexions. But they’re still the same cheeky monkeys they always were. Kind, handsome, and a little wild. The best three things to be. My heart is so full.